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Website maintenance & support

It’s one thing to have a perfect website designed and up, but it’s another to keep it up and properly maintained. The talented group at Kenya website designers helps you handle the hassles of maintenance of you website, leaving you to handle other equally important issues. We help maintain and deal with the complex issues that can beset your website endlessly.We have different maintenance packages depending on your current needs, thus helping you avoid the crisis that may destroy the stability and identity of your site, while at the same time maintaining your budget.  Kenya web designers is happy to help you keep your site maintained and ready for business. We believe  your online identity is worthy of a full-time effort to keep your website blooming with fresh content yet many small to medium sized companies do not have the budget or need to hire a full-time web department with the diverse skills needed to succeed.  Minimize payroll and maintain a svelte organization by outsourcing all of your site needs to us and you can expand and reduce your staff based on active project needs

Here is how the maintenance program works:

Together with you, we will set clear goals for maintaining and growing your online presence and content review with weekly accountability of what was completed and an estimated date of when outstanding items will be completed. If you are not interested in regular monthly maintenance, our hourly rate is only KSh 500 per hour, which is much less than larger design firms.  We guarantee our work will be of the best quality too.

We bring you website maintenance packages that deliver something for everyone. Update your website, maintain it, and ensure that it continues to work flawlessly at all times, even when you are not looking! Call us today to learn more about  maintenance services that ensure your complete peace of mind.

Let us take care of all of your website needs so you can get back to doing what you do best:  Running your business.