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Compatible with tablets ,phones and desktop computers

Amazing designs at every size

Ask yourself, how many different types of phones and tablets are on the market now? Its paramount that your website looks consistently stunning  despite the device in use. Responsive Website Design, acts like the name suggests. our designs ensure that the size of the website responds to the device it’s being viewed on to best suit the viewer by scaling itself automatically.The Design we use ensures that your website works perfectly well on a tablet, desktop computer and mobile phone, ensuring that no matter where they are, the viewer can continue to access your website without hustle ,on any device of their choice, and hence maximizing the potential to convert that visit into a sale

Update one, update all

Our websites, due to the responsive designs, uses only one website for all device as opposed to having separate websites for Mobile and Desktop computers, therefore you only need to update your website once, instead of updating twice, once for mobile and once for desktop. Responsive Website Design is the ultimate “one size fits all” approach. Therefore when you login to the Update page and make an edit, that’s it, it will reflect across all devices, and you are done, leaving you with time to focus on your business. The update will be visible on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC’s leaving you time to focus on your business

Call to action

What is it that happens when a customer is trying to find your business, or give you a call? They get out their mobile phone and visit your website. Rather than having your contact details hidden away somewhere, on mobile devices we insert  Call to Action buttons, ie “call us” which dials a number of your choosing,  “Find Us” opens your location in Google Maps. Ensuring your potential customer can get in contact with you, quickly. What mostly happens if your details aren’t easily accessible and your website not mobile friendly, the potential customers move onto a website that is optimized for their device and that clearly displays all contact information, and we at Kenya website designers, believe that website should be yours.