Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home (KRCH)

Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home (KRCH) is an orphanage located in Kisii, Kenya. It was founded by Bishop Robert Nyamwange and his wife Terevinah in 2006 as a Foster Unit with one child, Mary. Since then KRCH has expanded its facilities and now houses 60 children.

Many of these children are deprived of their basic needs due to high levels of poverty. Living in extreme poverty without the support of their parents at a critical moment of their lives deprives them of essential needs. Orphans are vulnerable to additional kinds of exploitation. Neighbors and some relatives can take advantage of them because there is no parent to defend or protect them. Consequently, the children run away from home and end up in cold streets vulnerable to physical abuse and worst conditions.

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Name Keumbu Rehema Children’s Home (KRCH) Date 11 Tue 2021 Categories NGOs Author Stephen Mbiyu
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