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Search engine optimization

You company is promoting a wonderful product or a service on a great looking website,  the query remains!  How do you get people to visit your site and interact with you product/service?  That must be what you are planning! Right?Kenya website designers are just what you need. our  team of highly dedicated  SEO copywriters will provide  you with unrivalled advice on key search engine optimisation do’s and don’ts on internet marketing, pay per click  campaigns, article writing, ad words management and much more. Kenya website designers help optimize your site by making it search engine friendly, a process known as search engine optimization.

                                                  On page and Off-page SEO

We combine both on page and off page Search engine optimization , balancing them to great effect in our SEO strategy in order to achieve a fully optimized website. On page SEO optimization, we focus on building keywords, underlining them,  using h1 tags in the headers, using h2 tags, maintaining the appropriate keyword density among other efficient techniques. For the off page SEO optimization, , we focus on identifying which sites are linking to your site,  their number, their ranking , the number of links linking to these sites, IP addresses that are linking to your site among others .

                                                 keyword research

We conduct a comprehensive keyword research  to identify the best keywords to drive traffic to your site. We also perform thorough SEO audits , examining your site from an on site and offsite perspective. We examine and access your site site structure and ensure its set up properly and running to its best of abilities. we also put a lot of emphasis in user experience search optimization. This is done by maximizing the visibility of your  of your business in the local results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing… We perform site crawls, , looking for technical hitches in your site .

                                              Link profile review and link building 

At Kenya website designers, we conduct link profile review, accessing your sites back links and cleaning up those susceptible to negative SEO and thus help your site obtain a natural link profile. We also put into effect our tried and tested link building techniques such as guest blog posting, 404 reclamation, resource links,  directory links, competitor’s back link research, info-graphic placement, keyword mentions among others , all towards accomplishing your main objective, ranking high on search engines.


We help market your site and drum up support for your business by improving your site’s ranking. We believe companies should invest in SEO as it provides better RIO (return on investment) as compared to other forms of online marketing such as PPC’s (pay per click campaign), purchasing leads for email marketing programs,  social media marketing among others. We help you increase visibility, reputation and revenues simultaneously.


We believe organic search engine optimization is the bedrock for your online presence in Kenya today. if you want your website to rank on the top when your keyword is searched for, get calling us today! We are just good at it!  we love it.