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Email marketing

Our software allows new subscribers to sign up directly from your website and in the process capturing their email addresses which come in handy in email marketing

It also allows for segmentation of the Email Marketing lists into segments, thereby easing the management of the subscribes list.

It also allows for filed customization, where you can store unlimited amount of subscribers with their own custom fields in your database

It has, among others, the following features:

  1. Target subscribers – You can easily target subscribers in your database by filtering them using a criteria of your choice.
  1. SPAM Analysis – The SPAM analysis feature makes it possible for your email to have the best possible chance of reaching all of your subscribers.
  1. Scheduled send – It allows for scheduling of emails which can be sent later even without your input.
  1. Automatic emails – This helps Increase your open rates by sending campaigns to your listed subscribers when they are at their most receptive.
  1. Auto managed unsubscribes – Our software manages all Unsubscribe requests & bounced emails automatically.
  1. Full reporting stats – The software allows you to View in depth subscriber reporting including opens, clicks, reads, forwards etc