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You don’t just need to get it done, get it done right

It is often thought about it this way, though content is essentially the only interaction users have with a website. It is what they see, read and play with. Needless to say, its quality has a direct correlation with the quality of a website. And its subsequent success. It  builds trust and engagement. The very things we need with our users and customers. We help our clients plan, design and develop excellent content. our content is tailored for both users and search engines.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which content marketing services you need. But if an agency specializes in SEO, will they offer the same kind of content that a PR agency would? If someone promotes their video content, will they also know about blogging? Or print production?

Many marketing agencies will tell you they can do all of the above. And they may be right. But all agencies will tend to have a bias towards a particular style. At Kenya website designers, we ensure whatever direction we take is to the benefit of our clients.


We combine the three general proven approaches to great effect i.e.

  1. the publisher model, which says all you need is an audience
  2. The marketer model, which says all you need is a channel to the market
  3. The sales model, which says all you need to do is capture that segment of the market that is ready to buy something.

Some of our attributes include

  1. We have they built audiences for other companies
  2. We actually produce content, not just scheduling and distributing content you create through social media
  3. We write blogs for clients, not just managing them
  4. We have the latest scheduling software for social listening and social amplification