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It should really be called Google optimization

It should really be called Google optimization

Search engine optimization should really be called Google optimization. Google dominates the search engine market share with over 90% of all searches being done on the search engine giant. It goes without saying that that is where you should be focusing your efforts on and Google knows this. That is why Google offers you tools to help make this process easier. In SEO we play by Google’s rules and ultimately they dictate trends in SEO. Bing that as it may, you should also optimize for the other search engines like Bing & Yahoo.

Last week we looked at rookie mistakes you should avoid when setting up your WordPress SEO. In this week’s article we are going to look at 2 tools offered by Google that you need to be integrating into your SEO.

First Google offers an admin dashboard that allows you as the webmaster to assess your websites performance on search. Google web master tools ( offers you insight on how well your site is doing on Google search. It shows you the total impressions your website has received, total clicks, and your keywords, the number of clicks the keywords received and the position you rank for the keywords. In order for Google to also rank your website, Google requires you to add your site as a property and verify ownership on this platform for it to be ranked.

Secondly, Google offers web admins a suite of very powerful analytics tools that help you to keep track of your traffic. Google analytics ( offers insight on your traffic in a way that is user friendly and easy to understand. It is so robust that even I can’t claim that I fully understand all its features but for the features I do understand, I can 100% recommend you install it in your site.

Google analytics show you the traffic you get on your site; this is important because it aggregates your traffic from all sources. The traffic report includes traffic from search, organic hits, social media and even Bing if any. Google analytics further breaks down this data in a way that makes sense to the novice user. It gives insight into where your traffic is coming from, in terms of location or referring sites such as Bing if at all and Facebook, Linked In and twitter which there will be many referrals. It also breaks down the traffic data and gives you a pages report showing you which pages your users visit most. This allows you to gauge which content your users like and where you should invest your content marketing strategies. The traffic report also shows you which devices your users use. This can help you optimize your site layout and design. The traffic report also includes live tracking and you can track your user’s activities real time.

Bounce rate is by far the most important number you should look out for. This number indicates the percentage of users who drop off immediately the land on your page. You should aim to have this number as low as possible. This number also signals to Google if you content hits he right spot, does it keep your users glued to their screens and hence should it be ranked higher.

Google analytics also offers conversion tracking where you can set up end goals for your sales funnel. It can track things like cart checkouts helping you to optimize your website for more conversions.

In case you are not yet convinced on why you need to install these tools, here is one more reason. These tools are 100% free. We all love free things and this is one more reason why you have no excuse. You have to install these tools.

In this 638 word article we have mentioned Google a total of 22 times. See why I said we have to bow down to our master Google and play by his rules, it really should be called Google optimization.

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Stephen Mbiyu
Stephen is a website developer with core skills in PHP, WordPress and internet marketing. He is a valued member of the Kenya Website Designers Dev team.

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